Robert Nicol is an artist and illustrator who lives in Norfolk. He is a graduate of Glasgow school of Art and the Royal College. He has exhibited his work widely. In his paintings he plays with ideas of the human figure in landscape, humour, fear and the surreal and  is interested in the relationship between object, the 2D image and their connection to different modes of story telling. His work has a variety of influences from Dutch landscape painting and classic takings on the mythological to pop and folk art. Many of his paintings and sculptures are very small echoing the work of 18th century portrait miniaturists and artists working within the Netherlandish naturalist miniature tradition such as Joris Hoefnagel. Robert also grows Bonzai trees.

Images from opening 24th March. Robert Nicol – Untitled paintings; acrylic on perspex, sculptures, hand-modelled and hand glazed earthenware.

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Enveloped Objects by Gudrun Filipska running from the 7th -14th March. Medium Format photographs and assembled objects collected by Sigi McDonald; (Maplin and Web ring box, 3 x plastic flowers, bouncy ball, Geode, stickers wrapped in drawn on paper with plastic bracelet, 2 x flint, 2 x ceramic bead, 1 x seashell, 1 x marble, conker wrapped in paper and sellotape).


We are looking forward to being part of the World’s First Apartment and Studios Biennale  with our opening exhibition, Bartlett’s People Part 1 by William Filipski-McDonald. See the catalogue listing here. Running from the 11th to 25th of Nov 2016. Open by appointment.


Bartlet’s People – Part I is the first part of an ongoing research project into ruins and the tourist and pleasure cultures which surround them. Taking as starting point William Henry Bartlett’s engravings of ruins which were taken as portfolios and used as tourist guides by many visitors to Italy in the 19th century, the work seeks to figure the remnants of this heritage as a disappearing spectral subject and offer critique and counterpoint for the awe and grand spectacles of the sublime as ruin as begun by Bartlett.

Curator: Gudrun Filipska

William Filipski McDonald and the FMR Group


The Shelf Gallery is a small gallery space on a shelf in our house in Fordham, Cambridgeshire. The gallery is situated above our record collection and below our book shelves and is run by me,  Gudrun Filipska and my daughter Sigi. We specialise in showing diminutive and site specific works and curate a running programme of tiny exhibitions. The shelf gallery was started as part of my Artists residency in motherhood in 2016.

The Shelf Gallery makes a statement about the difficulty in obtaining and affording a ‘traditional gallery space’ as well as raising issues around the tensions between domestic and ‘professional’ spaces and the implicit assumption within the industry that these spheres remain separate.

It addresses the difficulties in conducting an artistic or curatorial practice within a domestic space and the challenge artists/gallery owners who are parents also face.

We believe we are the smallest open by appointment gallery in the world.

The Shelf Gallery will open in time for the first world wide Apartments and Studios Biennial. Nov 2016 with an exhibition of photographic work by the fmr group.