Unboxing the travelling show from (Arts) Territory Exchange is currently at Shelf!

‘The Arts Territory Exchange presents un-boxing a travelling exhibition in a box; Moving across continents to be opened and displayed in a number of intriguing domestic and alternative locations. Posted across a network of curators, artists and archivists.

The exhibition takes its name from the pleasures and excitements of receiving postal mail and packages; opening, tearing, ripping and rifling through contents and the Youtube ASMR world of opening and unwrapping through which many people receive sensory comfort.

Through Un-Boxing we play with the ideas of gifting….receiving….waiting and excitement…each recipient will curate a mini show from the material they receive and then add something to the box before posting it on. The audiences for the work may be families, children, pets, or neighbours peering through windows…’

Will next move on to Plas Bodfa – Anglesey Wales

The home of curator Natalie Pace, Felixstowe Suffolk 

The home of artist Caroline Kelley, Versailles, France 

Saint Croix de Mareuil, France with curator Jane Linden.

Copenhagen, Denmark with art writer Laura Davidson

2nd Stage.

The second Stage will take a more experimental form and will develop its own network of hosts (each host will be invited to select another curator/artist,archivist) to post the box on to. This will happen around a series of anchor locations which are as follows.

The Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA)

The home of Artist Lenka Clayton, Pittsburgh USA

Street Road Art Space Pensylvania.

The Tree Museum Pender Island

The town of Ucluelet, Vancouver Island in the home of Carly Butler and the homes of local residents. (End point).

Participating artists:

Marina Amaral

Hana Wilde

Laura Copsey

Martin Dixon

Sydney lancaster

Vicki Piersig

Michelle Kohler 

Diane Eagles

Kim Goldsmith

Reb Green and her students at MICA

Georgina Reskala

Lizzy Sampson

Sarah le Quang Sang

Roelnant Meijer

Sarah Scaife

Alisa oleva

Imi Maufe

Hannah Stageman

Annette Friedrich Johanson

Carly Butler

Emily Van Lidth de Jeude

Caro Williams

Andrew Howe

Romina Cristi

Elisabeth Elegeert 

Leonie Andrews

Sarah Basha

Jessica Longmore

Laurel Terleski

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