Showing on the shelf: TENDERNESS IN A BOTTLE Sharing the harvest By Didi Hock. Feb 25th – March 3rd. 2020.

bottle hochkant2

Hock says; This offering for my human and other-than-human companions is understood to be the continuation (or completion?) of Sharing Vulnerability? Isn’t that what it’s all about? Two years after its publication, I turn one of the key words of this book into a work of sensual herbalism: TENDERNESS.

In my experience, inhabiting a chronically ill and disabled mind-body has meant pain & isolation as much as connection & belonging. In the depths of the timespace of chronicity, my human but especially my interspecies relationships have gone through deep transformations. During 2019 I had the pleasure to be apprentice to Angelica, Heather, Rose, and Sweetgrass – four vegetal companions who taught me some of the most important lessons on practicing tenderness. Now it’s time to share the harvest.

I use roots, leaves and flowers as a means of communication, I celebrate the now quite unpopular practice of floriology in the form of a message in enchanted jars.

To share is a deeply revolutionary act, that gives meaning to «tenderness is the pending revolution.»

TENDERNESS IN A BOTTLE is a synergistic composition of Angelica archangelica (from the Elbe shore), Calluna vulgaris (from the Heath just outside Hamburg), Rosa rubiginosa (from Baltic Sea beaches), and Hierochloe odorata (from the plant I invited to grow in my garden).

One bottle of tenderness has been explicitly created for ‘Shelf’. It is meant to be touched, turned around, opened, smelled, experienced. Let the enchantment be the guide of your senses while you connect to its tenderness.

Before you leave, take some tenderness with you in the form of your favourite “Tenderness magic card”.

Didi Hock // Hamburg, November 2019

About the artist. Didi Hock is a name the artist gave herself as a child, she saw this as one of her first acts of resistance. As an adult she chose to practice as an artist using this name. Didi defines her world as queer, in the tertiary sense of the English dictionary, Queer as in odd, sick, unwell. Her world is queer as, although she lives alongside others in the same world, her life has been articulated by a series of series of debilitating health diagnosis as well as backgrounded by trauma. Her pain is chronic meaining that to live for her, means embracing disfunctionality. she sees the identity impressed upon her of ‘sick women’ as one which is more about a continually evolving process than a static identity. Her world is one which embodies experience of fear, anger, despair, compassion and cusiosity.

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