‘Mycelium Grove’ Bec Bromley Humphries.

‘Mycelium Grove’ Bec Bromley Humphries. 25th Jan 2018 – 8th Feb.


Bec Bromley Humphries is an artist with a background in sociology and psychology and her work is informed by the complexity of life and capacity for subtle slow social change. She makes intricate and involved sculptures and installations, working with paper and fabric – often working with themes of loss and nostalgia, her materials have ranged from collections of book dedications (To my Dear, 1944- 1963), remains of old book spines (Hollywood Amnesia) and sewn paper.

For the Shelf she has created a site specific textile work ‘Mycelium Grove’, an abstracted landscape inspired by plants and fungi, made of soft fabric sculpture coated in a porcelain slip. The title references ‘Mycelium’  the enormous underground fungal network – a bacterial colony consisting of branching threads, which can spread for large distances under the earth. Humphries relates the Mycelium spores to Jungian concepts of the concious and unconcious mind.

She says ‘ In our daily lives we can forget how sensitive and responsive we are – if we are healthy we take experiences and integrate them into a meaningful whole. We grow – like plants, and adapt to change, constantly adjusting, forgiving, letting go or holding on. This work explores the seen and imagines the space unseen’.   



‘Mycelium Grove’



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