Work by Mindy Sue Wittock 29th July – 12th August.
Mindy Sue grew up on the border of Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan.
She received her BA from the University of Wisconsin Green Bay and her MFA from Arizona State University with a concentration in fibers and textiles.
Mindy Sue has previously worked as an associate lecturer of art and a gallery director at the University of Wisconsin Fond du Lac. She has an extensive exhibition record and history as a textile based arts educator. She Currently works in her home studio in Cedarburg, Wisconsin where she makes soft sculptures and hand sitched wall pieces.
‘Imaginary Friends: Kitchen‘ is a series of small works made from domestic textiles and kitchen utensils. The pieces were catalysed by a frustration at never seeming to escape from the domestic chores of the kitchen and the tensions between feeling lonely and never being alone as a stay at home mother. You are invited to touch, hold and interact with the sculptures in this exhibition.
imaginaryfriends 8imaginaryfriends2

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